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Installation and operation True sine wave inverter-charger (Backup generator)

1. Installation and operation machine:
Perform the following steps:

-          Check the outside of the machine for intact or not, check the seal and warranty notes have fully or not and read user guide before using. If you have any questions, please contact with ourr provider for more guidance.

-          Preparing battery: Capacity of battery is not below the minimum prescriber for each machine. Time for chargering as long as the amount of  battery capacity growing. Do not choose the type of cheap battery to minimize damage during using. Please see Instructions to select battery.

-          The connection of contact-bond battery confined to very sure and ensure the correct size required wire(do not use too long wire from battery to machine to reduce wastage)

-          Connect DC source from battery to the "DC Input" on machine. Special attention it must be connected correctly positive(+)/negative (-) of the batteries to (+)/(-) of the machines. If connected incorrectly will lead to break down of DC fuse in machines. When replace new fuse it must be  correct regulation value - if incorrect manufacturer will not guarantee free.

-          Put in place dry, cool. It is sure to firm

-          Turn of (Off) all CB and switch on machine, before connected to the input/output source .

-          Connect using load to "AC-Output" or connected to the socket "AC-Output (note that do not exceed 70-80% countinuous power of machine).

-          True sine wave inverter and Backup generator have output wave form like grid and using for all electricity equiptments

-          Supply power to machine: Connect grid to 220V AC input behind of machine. Note that: AC input  is sure from 180V-245V AC. If the grid voltage is too low or too high, it will automatically switch to running in inverter mode.

-          Always connect machine to grid to charger battery fully. (Even when the machine is shut down)

-          Important note: Do not connect output “AC output” of machine to grid or AC input. Input wire (grid), output wire(220V AC of machine) and battery cable must be isolated each others completely.

-          After checking for correct connection, booting machine as follows:

§         Turn on the DC CB, checking the DC voltage meter(if machine has a CB or DC Voltage meter).

§         Turn on boot Switch machine(ON/OFF). Wait about 10 seconds to machine works in stable state.

§         Check the output voltage on a AC Vol meter(if any)

§         Turn on the AC CB(if any) to supply power to loading devices and monitor the operation of equipment and status signals displayed on the machine.

§         When installation is completed, power is on or off, it will completely automatic change status power to devices are being used. You do not need to worry to switch on or break away from the grid power: What a convenient and you can set your mind at rest even if you are out.

2. Note:
After booting the machine will have the self-test before going to work (you do not need attention to the signals – whistle/LED- at this time). Next time the whistle and LED lights will display the full status of a stable machine. Including:

-          Displaying the voltage level of battery is a sequence (4 LEDs) shows the level of full/empty of the battery.

-          Displaying the voltage level of load is a sequence (4 LEDs) shows the level of using load. If there is no load no LED is light.

-          Newspaper recycling rate is up (4) shows how loaded are used-If no load will not have any bright lights

-          Lights "State" status report operation of machines:

§         Green color means that machine is normal working.

§         The status error (light green color transfer) it will disconnect the output voltage. If:

·         Orange by battery exhausted.

·         Red by the over heat.

·         Red flash on and off is a little overload.

-          Two columns light display battery status and loading rate.

§         Stable light will displace battery and the load when in using.

§         If the two columns LED battery and load wich corecsponse at the same time, it is heavy overloading

§         If the two columns LED battery and load wich corecsponse quickly at the same time, it is short circuit in AC output.

-          whistle report (if any):

§         "bip… bip" seldom rhythm shown battery coming low and or over load or over temperture.

§         "bip… bip" continously a failed inside, can not work. It needs to repair.

3. When the machine report errors we need:

Turn off switch On/Off - (this is also reset switch) the same time this is reset switch), and should carefully check the following steps:

-          Disconnect from CB-DC battery on and check voltage on the battery be too low or not(if it is low should recharged for full). 

-          Using load has been exceeded definition. (If it is overload, load must be reduced)

-          Is the temperature too high? (placement machine is not reasonable or system cooling fans not work?)

After checks and corrects the abover errors, we should reboot the machine in the above described order.

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